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2022 Online Chinese Bridge Competition at Western Michigan University

2022 Chinese Speech Contest at Western Michigan University will be held with the intention of providing a stage for Chinese language learners to demonstrate their achievements in learning Chinese and communicate with each other.

Levels of competition


  • Non-native and non-heritage high school students who have been learning Chinese for one year or less will be assigned to high school level 1.

  • Non-native and non-heritage high school students who have been learning Chinese for less than two years will be assigned to high school level 2.


Form of competition: There are three categories: Speech Contest, Chinese Knowledge Competition and Talent Show. Each contestant can participate in any category or all three categories.


Speech Contest

Contestant will prepare a speech in mandarin. The length and content for each level are as follows:


Score composition: Prepared Speech (70%) + Impromptu Speech (30%)


Chinese Knowledge Competition

The competition will be conducted on Kahoot. Individual participant will compete for two rounds answering questions about Chinese language and culture.

Score composition: Round one (50%) + Round two (50%)

  • Chinese Talent Show (video editing allowed): Contestants will submit a YouTube video link for preliminary round. The video will demonstrate their talent in an area that highlights one aspect of Chinese culture, such as Chinese music, painting, calligraphy, martial arts, dance, Chinese yoyo etc. within 2-3 minutes.


Final Contest: ALL qualified contestants will compete via Zoom on March 19, 2022.  The contest will be livestreamed on YouTube.

  • Impromptu speech: Contestants of High School Level 1 and 2 will answer 4 impromptu questions that are based on their original speech; contestants of Middle School Level, High School Level 3 & 4 will give a 60-90 seconds impromptu speech on given topics;

  • Knowledge competition: The competition will use Kahoot as the platform; contestants will answer questions on topics of Chinese language, culture, history, and geography; questions will be chosen from preparatory materials provided to the Chinese instructors at least two weeks ahead of time.

  • Talent Show: The top five winners from the preliminary round will have live performance at the Final Contest.


Awards and Prizes:

Each and every contestant will receive one of the following awards based on their performances:

  • Excellent Performance Award: Top three students from speech contest and knowledge competition in each level, and top five from talent show will receive the award and gifts.

  • Outstanding Individual Award: Students with the highest total score (must participate in all three categories) in each level will win this award. The students will receive a certificate and a gift.

  • Participation Award: All the rest of students will receive a participation certificate.


Excellent Instructor Award: The teacher who has the most students participating in the contest will receive the award and moderate honorarium.


How to Apply:

  1. Complete your preliminary submission form by March 1st, 2022.

  2. Download the parent consent form, complete and email to with the Subject of “First Name + Last Name consent form”.


Detailed competition schedule and sample questions and knowledge points for Chinese Knowledge Competition will be provided after registration due.


All rights reserved by Diether H. Haenicke Institute for Global Education at Western Michigan University


​Click below to download forms:

Speech Contest Parent Consent Form

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