2022 Virtual Chinese Quiz Bowl

Saturday, March 26th, 10:00 am - 12:00 pm

This year's Chinese Quiz Bowl will be offered online on Saturday, March 26, 2022 and sponsored by the Great Lakes Chinese Consortium.

Divisions include first, second, third, and fourth-year learners for high school. Middle school students may compete in the same divisions, marked by years of study.


This year, we will invite heritage and immersion students to join in the fun. Although heritage and immersion students will compete in the same rounds with non-heritage/non-immersion students (in accordance with the year of Chinese they are taking in high school or middle school), they will be ranked separately and in their respective divisions.


We ask that students choose the year of Chinese in which they are enrolled (first through fourth) and to also identify on the registration form if they are non-heritage (not from a Chinese-speaking family and not having spent more than six months in China); heritage (from a family where some Chinese is spoken, but not so much that you feel you would have an unfair advantage); and immersion (three or more hours of Chinese per day).  Please understand that the heritage and immersion categories are experimental this year and that the organizers will not be involved in disputes or arbitration. Our aim is to allow a platform for everyone to have fun and to test their knowledge.


Teams should consist of two players who identify similarly. That is, non-heritage students must team up with non-heritage students, heritage students with heritage students, and immersion students with immersion students. No crossing over, please!

Beginning at 10 AM on March 26, teams of two will compete in a Kahoot-style format, answering questions about Chinese language, Chinese geography, and assigned Chinese idioms, available on the YouTube channel for Learn a Chinese Phrase at Wayne State University. Information, including eligibility, divisions by level, topics by level, rules, and registration are below:

COACH REGISTRATION FORM (Requires names and emails of two contestants, signed parental consent forms, and signed teacher verification forms for each contestant)


2022 Parental Consent Form  |  2022 Student Verification Form

2022 Language Topics by Level  |  2022 Phrases by Division

2022 Geography Questions  |  2022 List of Phrases (61-110)