Past Lectures in 2020

10/1/2020 | Chinese Festivals | Zhanguo Zheng, University of Toledo

The lecture gives a brief introduction to some important festivals in China and will focus on the explanation of their agrarian origins. The traditional and modern ways for people to celebrate will be introduced, as well as cultural insights and values.

10/8/2020 | Millennial Expats | John Brender, Wayne State University

Learn about the experiences and perceptions of 20 North American millennials who have lived in China for 4-5 years on average. Discover their personal changes and stratification of international groups in China.  

10/15/2020 | U.S China Deaf School Project | Kathryn Johnson, St. Cloud State University

Three Chinese student interns and one Chinese Visiting Scholar, all of whom are deaf, will share their experience coming to work in the U.S. and how this experience has impacted their lives.

10/21/2020 | Scholarships and the Power of People to People Exchange for Impacting your Future Career - Distinguish Lectures Series | Xinyu Yang, Chinese Embassy D.C. & Levi Johnson, St. Cloud State University

10/29/2020 | Chinese Food | Lianyu Yang, Western Michigan University

Food has been at the heart of Chinese culture for centuries.  Learn about the main characteristic of Chinese Dietary  and understanding Chinese Culture through Chinese food.

11/12/2020 | U.S. Heartland China Association | Min Fan, U.S. Heartland China Association

Come and learn more about the USCHA and how your organization may become involved in USCHA!

11/13/2020 | Dragons in Chinese Culture | Yi Zhou, University of Toledo

Come and join us for a session to learn about the mystery and majesty of the Chinese Dragons. Explore its origin and differences between dragons in Western culture.

11/13/2020 | ​Unity Through Diversity | Mei Han, Middle Tennessee State University

Come and join us to learn about Chinese instruments and the important fundamentals of Chinese music while touring the Center for Chinese Music and Culture.

11/18/2020 | Hollywood and The Chinese Other - Distinguish Lectures Series | Dr. Tan Ye, University of South Carolina

11/19/2020 | Buddhism and Martial Arts | Erin Markle, University at Buffalo

Erin Markle, president of Gold Summit Martial Arts Institute, will discuss the fusion of martial arts and spiritual practices in China and the value of these practices for herself and her students.

12/3/2020 | Education in China | Yi Wu, Western Michigan University

This lecture offers a basic introduction of the current educational model in China and answers some of the commonly asked questions about the system.