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Great Lakes Chinese Consortium

Chinese Speech and Talent Video Competition

The Great Lakes Chinese Consortium is pleased to announce the 2020 Chinese Speech and Talent Video Competition for students in grades 6-12. Chinese language students in Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, Minnesota, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Western New York and Wisconsin, are encouraged to enter the competition in one of the following categories: 1) non-heritage learners; 2) immersion school learners; and (3) heritage learners.


Students should submit a video of a speech entirely in Chinese and/or of a performance demonstrating ability in some aspect of Chinese culture. Criteria for the competition, along with dates and formats for submission are below. Students must also submit a Parental Consent and Release Form and a Student Verification Form attesting to the student’s level of Chinese and whether or not the student is a heritage speaker.



The Great Lakes Chinese Consortium will present trophies and award certificates to 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place winners in each category. In addition, individual consortium members will present bookstore gift cards to any winners from their region, as allowable by their universities. The amounts of the gift cards will be $50 (1st place), $30 (2nd place), and $20 (3rd place). The Chinese teacher who has the most students participating in the competition (total number in all divisions) will also receive a $50 gift card.


Competition Divisions


  • Middle School A:  < 2 years of Chinese learning

  • Middle School B: < 3 years of Chinese learning

  • High School A: < 2 years of Chinese learning

  • High School B:  < 3 years of Chinese learning

  • High School C: < 4 years of Chinese learning

  • High School Advanced: >  4 years of Chinese learning

  • Immersion Middle School

  • Immersion High School 

  • Heritage Middle School

  • Heritage High School 


Themes / Categories

Speech Contest (choose one of the following topics)

  • Self-introduction in Chinese

  • My family

  • My community

  • My experience with Chinese

  • My quarantined life

  • Topic of your choice

Talent Competition (choose one or a combination of the following)

Note: Individual or group entries will be accepted but only one trophy will be granted per winning entry.

  • Song/Rap/Trap in Chinese

  • Chinese Instrument and/or Chinese composition

  • Dance

  • Martial Arts

  • Demonstrate Chinese calligraphy or painting

  • Poem recitation in Chinese

  • Tongue twisters in Chinese

  • Imitation of Chinese celebrity

  • Talent of your choice





  • Open to contestant e.g. YouTube (recommended), Vimeo, Facebook, Bilibili, etc.

  • Must be available in a web browser without account creation


Time limits:

  • Speech (years 1 & 2): 60-90 seconds (no editing allowed)

  • Speech (years 3 & 4) 90-120 seconds (no editing allowed)

  • Talent Contest (all levels): Two minutes (editing allowed)



Submission: Click here to submit


  • Submission Start Date: September 27, 2020

  • Submission Deadline: October 30, 2020

  • Judging: November 2-17, 2020

  • Award announcement date: November 20, 2020



  • Complete Google entry form

  • Upon completion of Google form, please choose your closest university and email below files:

  1. Signed Parental Consent and Release Form (All participants must fill out this form)

  2. Student Verification Form signed by Teacher or Parent (Heritage and immersion school participants do not need to fill out this form)

Click here to download forms

For additional information

Please contact your affiliate/closest university listed below:


CLICK HERE to see the 2020 Video Contest results

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